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West Bengal
LOCATION: 9 Kms to the North East of Darjeeling town.
AREA UNDER TEA: 436 hectares
Planted in 1852 this is the first Tea Estate in the history of Darjeeling Tea.
The tea estate stretches from an altitude of 1500 ft to 6500 ft above MSL.
The garden covers over 22 Kms ending at the little Rungeet river.
Puttabong is planted with chinery bushes and Clonal tea stock especially developed to meet the agro climatic conditions of the area.
This garden is the first to receive ISO 9002 certificate in Manufacturing Plantation and Marketing, as well as HACCP – SQF Certification for safe & hygienic produce of made tea.
The Garden is under Organic Conversion and by January 2010, it will be 100% Organic.
The garden employs 1,476 workers who are provided with all the amenities such as healthcare, housing and social upliftment . In March 1992, a Shiv-Gauri temple was built for worship by the local people.
* First Commercial garden to raise Composite Plant Nursery and Plantation in North East India.
* First Garden to use PRUNING MACHINE in Darjeeling .
* It has the best Garden Hospital in Darjeeling.

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